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Selected Work

hmv are a well known high street entertainment retailer, myhmv is their innovative new app.
myhmv connects with your social media accounts and uses that data to personally recommend you film, music, games and tech based on what you like. The more myhmv is used the better the recommendations get. myhmv users also get access to the latest offers and releases.

Web Heroines is a not-for-profit group founded by me with a mission to encourage more women into taking a career in digital design, programming, mobile, gaming, UX and UI. Web Heroines especially want to reach out to disadvantaged women who feel isolated or under-confident.

Made for City College Norwich 5 Steps to Success is a web app that aims to help lost souls find their way into the career or course of their dreams. Users follow the five steps which are task based giving the user space to think and reflect as well as be active and get doing.

In January 2012 I held the first of many Web Heroines events. The Emerge Mini-Conference was a hugely successful mostly online conference bringing women from all over the world together to celebrate women in design and technology. With 11 sessions over 3 days including online talks from Rachel Andrew and Evgenia Grinblo and video cast interviews with talented women from across the globe.

Franked Ventures is a multi-talented group of people who come together to work on projects and develop business ideas. Creating the brand identity for such a concept was a truly enjoyable challenge. How do you stay professional so businesses understand you but keep that creative edge?

A shop for designers, by designers. Designs a specialist store for graphic, web, print and budding designers to kit our their studios and satisfy yummy product cravings. Each product is specifically chosen because it's been created by a fellow designer or it's just too good not to feature.

The Hostry Festival is an annual music, film and stage event boasting superb talent from across Norfolk.

Object Dialogue Box is a website designed to be playful and experimental in its format. Its bizarre and beautiful and in many places tactile. Hedsor Creative Learning, the creative team behind the boxes, are freelance educators working with schools, galleries and museums. Built in Flash the site is a wondrous world into animation, interaction and thoughtfulness.

Jill Irving is an independent health visitor, one of only a handful in the UK. This project involved designing and building a simple Joomla! website that was both modern and clean but reflected Jill's professional no-nonsense approach.

Jan Crombie is a fine artist based in Norwich and Oxford (UK). Her work centres around the Tower Tribe, a fictitious community Jan has created to portray the trials and joys of life.

Andi Sapey is a photographer involved with design, art, fashion, music, landscape, travel and studio and location projects. Andi needed a website to show off his beautiful and diverse range of work. The website requirements were professional and full of personality.

The Mo Sheringham Museum is a beautiful museum based in North Norfolk (UK). This project was to design and build a new fully content managed Joomla! website that enables staff to update events, quotes and administer the site pages with ease. Twitter, Flickr and Facebook are linked from the website enabling the museum to promote and connect via social media.

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Keri-Lambden-sml Blimey it's really good being a designer! I've always been a digital person (geek) forfeiting school friends for my Atari 520 ST and spending more time drawing things than playing outside. Then the internet came along and I never left my computer again.Read more

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