About me

Keri Lambden

As soon as my Dad brought home our beige Compaq Prolinea I knew I wanted to do something with computers and tech. Since then I’ve spent the last 10 years: as an Experience Designer building successful websites and SaaS applications, running a business, setting up a charity and working for start-ups.

My main focus has been designing stellar user experiences. I’ve led the charge in defining strategy and design vision for various projects and got my hands dirty prototyping user flows and designing UI layouts. I moved into leadership early on, setting up a business whilst studying for a degree. I absolutely love building teams. That collaborative spirit is second to none for making great products. As a manager I take care of my reports, coaching and challenging them to do their best work. I create the space for them to flourish and give them a platform on which to grow.

I’m currently studying an online Behavioural Psychology Course at MIT Cambridge and am looking to further my studies into mental health. My absolute passion is health and mental health. Everyone should have the opportunity to live a fit and happy life. Online technology is the perfect tool to help us do this.

I'm also a regular conference speaker; which I find is a great way to channel my thoughts and findings. The best bit is sharing those thoughts with fellow designers. Conference speaking is part of my quest to improve the web for everyone making it useable, effective and beautiful.

I also have a passion/death wish for fast cars, more specifically drifting them. I’m currently saving my pennies for a Ford Mustang GT500.