- Lead SaaS Visual Design

M4B Platform

I led this project's visual direction from the start. Managing a team of Developers, Product and Project Managers as well as running communication sessions for Exec leadership. Over the last two years the visual design for MOO’s business services platform has undergone a huge transformation. Since it's launch conversion has increased by 20% bringing in over £2 million in revenue.

A lot of MOO’s customers are SMEs for which ordering business stationery is a calamity. This lovingly crafted platform enables bulk creation making it easy for administrators and employees to buy business cards, letterheads, promo flyers etc. In collaboration with a great team I have designed two toolkits for the product, iterated on hundreds of ideas, wireframed, customer tested, workshopped, audited, emotionally mapped and prototyped. See in-depth my UX work on this project.

Launched: 2014
My involvement: Lead Designer, UX, UI, stakeholder management, prototyping, worked in Agile and Lean UX methods.


Screenshots of the MOO Business platform 2.0

M4B Dashboard


M4B Company Packs


M4B Creation Tool


The MOO Business platform 2.0 toolkit

M4B Toolkit Buttons


M4B Toolkit Forms


Some of the supporting UX work

M4B UX Boards


M4B User Flows