Soothe - Apple Watch health app

Soothe App Apple Watch

Soothe is an app for the Apple Watch designed to help calm the mind during moments of panic. When we panic our primitive brains are flooded with chemicals that prepare us to fight or run. Panic is often triggered by a wayward thought or the catastrophising of a challenge we're facing.

Soothe catches panic attacks in their first instance and is a great accompaniment to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Soothe works by using the Glance feature of the Apple Watch. The user hits a button and is taken through a series of breathing and focus tasks. The tasks are designed to calm the mind and move the user into a more relaxed and focused state so they can begin to use CBT thought exercises.

Mental health is very important to me. As a long term sufferer of anxiety my years of CBT have taught me many ways to manage and conquer panic attacks. This app is my way of helping others improve their mental wellbeing. It's currently at the prototype stage and aims to launch in 2016.

Prototype: 2015
My Involvement: UX/UI Design, wireframing, user testing, research, hours of therapy ;)


Soothe App Apple Watch

Soothe App Apple Watch wireframes