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Web Heroines is a not-for-profit group founded by me with a mission to encourage more women into taking a career in digital design, programming, mobile, gaming, UX and UI. Web Heroines especially want to reach out to disadvantaged women who feel isolated or under-confident.

I started Web Heroines in 2011 and in such a short space of time it's been a phenomenal success. All the identity and web design was conceived and created by yours truly and takes it's inspiration from the work women did during WW2.

It's estimated that women make up just 12% of the UK design/tech workforce and that's in decline. For me Web Heroines is all about showcasing the awesomeness of women in design and technology to inspire other women and girls to get into the sector. Web Heroines brings women (and guys) together who just want to talk with or hook up with like-minded peers.

In just over a year I have raised funding from the Big Lottery Fund and Microsoft's Ubelly blog, developed great partnerships with the British Library and Norfolk Network, produced a three day conference, created an online bake sale website, recorded a podcast series and am in the planning stages of developing a new project called Wings. Funded by Nominet and the Lloyds Banking group Wings will be a series of workshops in how to build mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Phew :)

Launched: 2011
My Involvement: Founder, Identity designer, UI layouts for all the websites, print design, project management, accountant, fundrasier, organiser.


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