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In January 2012 I held the first of many Web Heroines events. The Emerge Mini-Conference was a hugely successful mostly online conference bringing women from all over the world together to celebrate women in design and technology. With 11 sessions over 3 days including online talks from Rachel Andrew and Evgenia Grinblo and video cast interviews with talented women from across the globe.

I developed the idea, sought partnerships with the British Library and Creative Times, raised funding from the Big Lottery Fund and Microsoft's Ubelly blog, I designed the website and print materials, hosted the panel debate and all the online sessions. The event was a major success with cries for more events and talks throughout the year.

Launched: 2012
My Involvement: everything yes everything, from partnership agreements to designing and ordering printed bags.


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Emerge conference Keri Lambden  Emerge conference Keri Lambden

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